Our Future is looking Bright...2022 here we come!

Hey Loves,

It's been a minute since I've updated you on Reine Skin but I'm back and better! So I have to admit, I've been extremely inconsistent on social media and keeping you in the loop and for that I'm Sorry! These past two years (dealing with COVID) have really thrown a wrench in my plans for growing Reine Skin but learning to pivot during unexpected changes have taught me a lot about myself, Reine Skin (my business), and life in general.

With that being said, I promise to be more consistent in keeping you in the loop on the site (our space) and social media. This last quarter, I have been focusing on putting a lot of things in place that will allow supporters of Reine Skin to be more involved and interactive with the Reine Team as we grow! We have been planning and now it's time for execution! I'm going share a few things we have in the pipeline for 2022 and I hope this excites you as much as it does me! 

In Q1 2022, we will be rolling out our Affiliate Program. Our program is a way for those that already love and support Reine Skin, to get involved, make some coins, learn more about the brand, try out Reine Skin products, and change lives through skin health! Our Affiliate Program will feature some unique resources that will help position those that are apart of the program for success! We will also be getting back to one of our initiatives by providing more tailored educational content that will be easy to unpack and digest. Each month will feature a specific skincare topic that we will dissect in depth, so that the collective can be confident in skin health. 

Now we aren't going to share all the juicy details! You will have to stay tuned in to see what else is up our sleeves. With all these changes coming, we want you apart of the progress! So we will provide space and opportunities for your feedback with monthly skincare topics, new product ideas, events you'd like to see us a part of, etc.! Now that I've gotten that off my chest ( I feel so bad for my lack of consistency in Reine but know that my mental health has definitely improved with the breaks from social media), I'm going to go make a cup of tea, finish working on our growth strategies (to take us to the next level), put RJ (my sonshine) to bed, and have some mommy time!

As always, I love and appreciate every last post, share, like, comment, purchase, etc. from you guys! You all are my Reine family that rides for me and It means so much that I get to share this journey with you! Until the next one (and I promise, It won't be months before you hear from me again)!

With Love,


Founder/CEO | Reine Skin


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