About Reine

Our Vision

REINE SKIN is committed to empowering women to confidently embrace their journey to healthy & glowing skin.

Our Mission

Our three initiatives:


Creating Clean + Simple skincare through our philosophy of harmoniously combining natural ingredients with clinical strength actives.

Encourage healthy, informed, & effective skincare regimens through skincare education 

Advocate for Mental health wellness through self-care & self-love awareness


Effective: Our extensive science background allows us to choose ingredients that complement each other, so that our products work as intended & safe for your skin.

Clean & Minimalistic: The foundation of our formulas incorporate non-toxic plant-based ingredients. Our simple formulas provide natural alternatives to some of the harsh chemicals that have been seen in the skincare/beauty industry.



Laprichianna Tabron is the founder/CEO & product formulator of REINE SKIN products. With a Bachelors of Science in Biological Sciences from the University of Missouri-Columbia, being in the laboratory is nothing knew to her and where her passion of creating great skincare products started. 



I've always had a passion for DIY skincare before I even knew it was a passion. As an adolescent, I struggled with sensitive, acne-prone skin. This struggle really took a hit to my self-esteem & confidence growing up & I never felt like I belonged. As I grew up (and of course my skin cleared up with better lifestyle habits), I began to love every unique aspect about myself and realized that everything I've been through made me into the strong, confident, woman & mother I am today. It's because of this, I created REINE SKIN. I never want to see another young girl or woman struggle with the same issues I had, especially if it's something I am gifted at doing that can help change that. I realized that being confident in yourself is the only way to go out in the world and have the abundant life that God promised each and every one of us. To believe in the gifts and talents that you were blessed with to share with the world. But it starts with you!